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Theft / Property Crimes

Naylor & Rappl Overview

Theft crimes involve the taking of another person's property. Property crimes involve the unlawful entry onto another person's property or unlawfully damaging of another person's property. The severity of theft and property crimes depends on the value of the property stolen or damaged and, specifically in theft crimes, the number of prior theft convictions that a person has accumulated on their criminal record. Theft crimes and property damage crimes in excess of $500 are felony in nature and can carry significant potential prison sentences. Moreover, a second or third theft conviction, regardless of the value of the property stolen, can be a felony as well. Not only do persons convicted of theft and property crimes face lengthy potential prison sentences, they also face potentially large fines, possible probation, as well as the payment of restitution for the property that was stolen or damaged.

Common theft and property crimes include the following:

- Theft by unlawful taking

- Shoplifting

- Theft by deception

- Theft by extortion

- Theft of services

- Theft of lost or mislaid property

- Theft by receiving stolen property

- Forgery

- Identity theft

- Unauthorized use of a financial transaction device

- Burglary

- Arson

- Criminal mischief/ Vandalism

- Trespassing

All theft charges, even petty theft and shoplifting charges, should be taken very seriously. A theft conviction on a person's criminal record may adversely affect that person's employment and educational opportunities due the potentially negative stigma that attaches to a person convicted of a crime of dishonesty.

Due to the life-altering consequences of a conviction for a theft or property crime, any person suspected of a such a crime should seek the assistance of a law firm which has the legal background, knowledge, and experience it takes to successfully defend theft and property crimes. Naylor and Rappl Law Office is a respected criminal defense law firm that has been helping clients contest criminal charges for nearly half of a century. If you have been charged with, or are under suspicion for, committing a theft or property crime, do not hesistate to contact Naylor and Rappl Law Office so that our knowledgeable legal team can provide you the guidance and advise you need to face the criminal justice system.